Dual Universe sketches its article roadmap

We stated it yesterday, Dual Universe will certainly be launched on September 27-the solitary web server of the MMORPG will certainly be closed on September 22 to execute an essentialwipe_wipe of deep space and also will be relaunched on 27. Along with theliveavailable solution By registration, a test web server will certainly likewise be launched on September 27 and also will certainly permit the reluctant to discover the bases of the game before possibly buying the monthly membership (this test web server will certainly be obtainable by means of Steam as well as on a regular basis reset).

What regarding Dual Universe developments after the release? The workshop Novaquark arranged a livestream earlier today and also provided some details.

A brand-new system

The launch will bring some additions to the game and also specifically redesign of specific worlds in order to make sure globes extra active and also take a breath even more identity.

The earths with their moons which will certainly be offered at the exit of the video game will certainly for that reason be:

  • Aliotus (Sanctuary, Place , with its moons 1 as well as 4);.
  • Thades (with its moons 1 and also 2);.
  • Madis (with its moons 1, 2 and 3);.
  • Jago;.
  • Teoma.

One more crucial information, asteroids in the world Thadès will come and can be claimed. Undoubtedly, it will certainly be feasible to install fixed constructions on the tiles of asteroids. What offer attractive panoramas for those who such as to admire the sky.


The designer defines indeed, that the core BluePrint will certainly be kept after theresetof the universe. To this will be added 3 additional features which will certainly be incorporated during the initial spot after the launch of the game:.



Extra planets are meant to be included after the release of the video game (such as illustrated above, specifying that the deployment order goes through alter). The programmer additionally defines that the planets are intended to go out in a reasonably short time after the launch. These planets were all obtainable throughout the beta-test phase.

  • Thesnapping : When releasing a strategy, it will certainly be possible to bite on the grid of an additionalcore devicecurrently placed, as when put aspace core device . Along with preview and also key-board commands, this will flawlessly line upcore unitswith each other when theblueprints _.
  • _ Honeycomb Swaps _: alveolar materials (calledhoneycombin English) might be replaced by other products throughout deployment;.
  • _ Elly noninclusion _: It will certainly now be feasible to select which aspects might not be deployed (in case of lack, or on purpose) when releasing a BluePrint.

2 aesthetic enhancements will be incorporated to meet community requests:.

It ought to be noted that the video game currently has a really large range of appearances and also colors for each and every ore and also alloy available currently.

Extra earths are planned to be included after the launch of the game (such as illustrated over, defining that the deployment order is subject to alter). The designer likewise defines that the earths are planned to go out in a relatively brief time after the launch. The launch will certainly additionally be gone along with by boosted devices for the deployment of building and constructions. The developer defines indeed, that the core Plan will certainly be maintained after theresetof the universe. To this will be added three additional functions which will certainly be incorporated throughout the initial spot after the launch of the game:.

  • Light Voxels will be readily available in several colors;.
  • Violet plastic will certainly show up in play.

See you on September 27 to uncover these advancements concretely in the Dual Universe game globe. For the curious, the details of future growths is readily available on the main MMORPG internet site.


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