PS5: The fans of Sony want these 12 games

We asked you which games you would certainly like to get on PlayStation 5 in the future. There were no limits to your creativity. The solutions that we present to you in this picture series are additionally similarly varied.

PS5: You desire these games

The PS5 has actually been released for a long time, however not all gamers they want, they likewise possess. Rather of blowing adversity, we have actually already considered the wonderful time with our Facebook area and also the content group when we can all play on the PS5.


Every style, every franchise, every sort of gamer Sony need to only implement fifty percent of the PS5 listing along with the developers, nothing stands in the means of the most effective video gaming. But also for now all of us have to be client.

Which games should come to please all fans? In the lower photo series you can see the 12 PS5 desire games that need to never be missing on the Next Gen console.