Will Persona 5 be released on PC?

Update: June 27, 2022

It is confirmed that Person 5 Royal will go to the PC via Game Pass on October 21, 2022 This was announced during the Xbox Summer Showcase in June.

Persona 5 is a large-scale role-playing game that was exclusive for PlayStation consoles, but since Persona 4 was released on Steam, everyone has a question whether Persona 5 Royal will ever on a PC?

Will Persona 5 Royal ever come out on a PC?

The question arises whether Persona 5 will be released on a PC or Nintendo Switch, especially after ATLUS-O-WEENIE typo in October.

Despite the fact that the release of the game at Nintendo Switch or PC, the confusion arose due to the prizes of Atlus-O-WEENIE, which contained typos indicating that the PC and Nintendo Switch codes will be prizes.

The competition is still ongoing, and this forced the fans to wonder if the prizes will contain the code for PC or Nintendo and the announcement of the port. According to the company, the competition has Persona 5 codes only for PS4, and any indication of another was just a human factor.

In tweet, Atlas called Persona 5 the royal version for both the PC and Nintendo Switch, which seems to be a strange mistake. Someone must have forgotten to remove two systems from this part of the list, since they appear for each other game, so this should be a problem with the template.

The next month, the last voting round will be completed in the competition, and winners will be announced. Since the competition indicates that the codes are intended only for PS4, we are sure that there will be no more surprises.


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