Rainbow Six Siege, 7th season, 2

Waiting for the Rainbow Six Pictory Y7S2? And we too! That is why we dismantled everything that we know about the second season of the seventh year for Rainbox Six Siege.

When will the second season of Rainbow Six Siege, 7th year?

Initially, the Rainbow Six siege Y7S2 was supposed to take place on June 7, 2022. This has changed due to some internal delays, which means that the release was postponed. Ubisoft has not yet called a new specific release date, but fans expect that this will happen in the coming weeks, since the notes for the patch for Y7S2 have already been released.

What time of day does the 2nd season of the 7th year come out?

From the day of the release of y7s2 it has yet to be disclosed , it is impossible to say what time of the day it will be dropped. We can see when Y7S1 fell on March 15, 2022 to try to get some performance. When the Y7S1 was released, it was released at 7:00 Pacific time / 10:00 east of east / 15:00 Moscow time. This may not be so with Y7S2, but this is all that we need to take into account until Ubisoft will give further explanations.

What is the notes for the patch for the 2nd season of the 7th year of the Rainbow Six Siege?

Thanks to Ubisoft in the framework of the Y7S2 in the Rainbox Six Siege, quite a few changes are implemented. Although not all updates are concentrated on operators, quite a few of them. Those that are not focused around game functions, such as walking volume.

Set the shock of the screen

Players who had to deal with the intensity of the screen trembling below optimal can now configure this function more efficiently. In Y7S2, players will be now you can reduce or even turn off the trembling of the screen . This can be especially useful for those who are sensitive to trembling the screen, which, I hope, will make the game more accessible.

Finnka and LMG have been left only

Fans who were afraid of the possible weakening of FINKA and LMG can breathe a sigh of relief for at least one more season. Ubisoft confirmed that they will postpone the stroke of the characters to Y7S3 . Meanwhile, they will carefully study how best to approach the balance of these two things.

Loud squat

This change, of course, disappoints players who love to steal, but, unfortunately, it seems that this change will remain. Players who squat while walking will find in Y7S2 that their Saudging gait sounds much louder than before . The change in the volume will complicate the sneaking, which means that the creeping may require more careful planning.

baths faster, but has less armor

The eye is an operator who received special attention in Y7S2. Ubisoft said that she would take eyes from three speeds at two speeds . Although an increase in speed is certainly welcome, it will occur due to his armor. makes it more vulnerable to attack .


Operators get the third secondary weapon

Nine operatives in the Rainbow Six siege will have the opportunity to have a third secondary weapon after the Y7S2 release. These nine operators and their additions to weapons are:

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