General Watching for Games in Xbox and Bethesda Showcase tonight at 8:00 pm

Xbox will introduce its upcoming games to this evening's Xbox Games Showcase Extended.

The day before yesterday, Xbox & Bethesda Showcase saw titles published next year. The broadcast of the evening promises to have deepening glances at these games, new trailers and developer interviews. Ken knows even if starfield would be even more strongly on the wall during the evening. So tune in to the lines of Finnish time at 20:00.

The Xbox Games Showcase Extended broadcast can be followed, for example, on YouTube or the easiest way to follow directly below:

Xbox More on:

  • Enrollment page for Beta Testing Diablo IV has been opened
  • The Overwatch 2, which changes to free play, will be released in October
  • Team Ninja's new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released early in the PC, Xboxes and in the same crap directly to Game Pass
  • A Plague Tale: Requiem adventure revealed a new game image-the curse following Hugo has not fondled
  • Mojang announced its new Minecraft Legends strategy game
  • After all, this is already expected-Starfield's game image almost a quarter


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