Ultrawide support for horizon: Zero Dawn on PC

PlayStation titles are not often worn on PC, so it seems that they do everything to make it correct. We have obtained confirmation of the ultra-wide management of horizon: Zero Dawn on PC today. You can find a director speaking on their Steam community page, saying that you can consult the ultra-wide screenshots taken from the port on their page now.

Horizon Zero Dawn - PC Ultra Quality (3440x1440)

I think the ultra-wide support for horizon: Zero Dawn was almost expected with the PC port. With such a beautiful world open in the game, many fans who played on the PlayStation 4 buy it for the second time to take advantage of it with high fidelity graphics. Anyway, confirmation is always very pleasant to have.

It seems that the game carried on PC is somehow an advertisement for the Playstation and the reason why they are so selective on the games that have ports. The former boss of Guerilla, Hermen Hulst, was interviewed saying:"I think it is important that we were open to new ideas on how to introduce more people on PlayStation and show people this that they missed. To perhaps reassure some minds, publishing an AAA title from the first part on PC does not necessarily mean that each game will now arrive on PC. In my mind, Horizon Zero Dawn was just a good choice in this case particular. We have no plans for the day and the date (PC versions), and we remain 100% engaged in dedicated equipment. "_

Quite fair, I suppose. As a PC player, I always consider every few days to choose these sweet and sweet exclusives. Since it is, my Bloodborne dreams on PC have never been so distant. Are there any games for you that you only ask to be worn on PC? Let us know!