Leaks: do nothing for you

Everything was better before. ISSO, especially if you look at the developments of the Internet. People were partly, not always, but often, much more respectful with each other, because this suddenly gained anonymity had not yet really penetrated into the consciousness of the forum post writers. And if there was a leak for an important or big game, it was rather rare. As a attentive student of the leaked information, depending on the size of the leak, one was gripped by a little raised. Leaks used to be something holy.

Nowadays there are leaks like sand by the sea and do not come from the "right" people, then they are not taken seriously. However, if you come from these trusting sources of the game industry, you can take poison to vote. You will then be happy about the insight into what comes from Favorite Developer Studio XY. This is your right right and I don't want to take it for you.

I personally hate these Trustworthy Leaks, especially when I know that they are right. Because I signed a declaration of confidentiality. Because I have a feeling of honor. Because I don't want something that I should not spread out in public yet, but comes out and then the stupid falls back on all brands of our publisher and my employees. Already the morning leaks for WoW (buy now): Dragon flight excited me, but that was still okay - they are not absolutely escalated. But the past Leaks about Warcraft Arclight Rumble made me crazy and mad. I explain to you why this is and why it is not an investigative journalism to leak something. But first I explain the difference between the Dragon Flight Leak and the Arclight leak.

Dragon Flight: With full throttle through the day

We at Arclight leak are players of players, we report on games. Every now and then developers or press representatives approach us and give us information in front of all fans, which will only be announced soon. For this we sign a declaration of confidentiality, a so -called NDA. We did that a few days before April 19, 2022, before the official announcement of WoW: Dragon Flight .

The name of Dragonflight has been having a little while through the Internet. Various "leaks" made the round and - sorry - when it comes to Wow, it is actually only a race among fans who placed the crazy and crazy leak at Wowhead can. There is nothing to it on most leaks. On the Dragon Flight Leak. On the day of the announcement, we got the press materials for the Dragon Flight Anuncement at noon. We meticulously taken care of not distributing the assets too quickly within the publisher, in order to keep the chance that we accidentally have what to do. We have already done that, a leak. Really accidentally. There was a good start to be honest. But this time everything worked out.

the midday leak

The CIA’s Plot to Assassinate Julian Assange

I could see in the cloud with the assets when they were preserved and uploaded by the PR speakers. Funny, only shortly afterwards the first talent tree recruit screenshot made the round-and such screenshots were not even included in the press kit. So it must have dripped somewhere else. Not more tragic. Because we are also a WoW editorial team and all men were busy writing the important articles based on the press material all day.

Say: We were too busy and I didn't worry that we would have to report anything about Leaks now. It was only a few hours until the unveiling, so we could drop the talent trees under the table. In that regard, the case was done for me when Visdp von Arclight leak.

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