Wow: DragonFlight: The most massive conversion for the craft. Since Ever.

With the announcement of WoW: Dragon Flight was a shock to feel the power. This power is called boredom and has hit the WOW fans in recent years mainly in mechanics and game systems. Once thinks about the talent matrix we have since Mistt's Pandaria. For the one trailer Azeroths that may be clear, many others consider these talents but for a blushing version of the original talent trees - especially because they were taken many freedoms in the design of their hero. These freedoms want to integrate the WOW makers with DragonFlight with the talent trees 2.0 again in the game . At the point, this initially mentioned power (ie the boredom ^^) legitimately tremble to scare. And that should also be elsewhere. The occupations of the Heroes Azeroths will finally be the revision, which we have to wait for a national long. For years, the WOW players for the craft demanded in their eyes like sand by the sea. The WOW DEVs should only look to Final Fantasy 14. To New World. Or an x-arbitrary other MMO. There are enough ideas for an exciting and interesting craft, which also has to win relevance - because otherwise it is superfluous as a crop.

Craft 2.0 with WOW: DragonFlight?

In the revisions of the professions, on top of that, not only is to miss the craft of WOW again relevant, but also to give your hero a chance to identify with the profession. If you take a profession in Azeroth, then she takes him because you want it - not because you feel forced. For example, because a particular, professional-bound item promises a DPS growth of 0.3 percent. Or another subject matter of any drops for the slot is massively superior. So to make the craft attractive for every hero of Azeroths again attractive and missing weight, the developers of World of Warcraft take several measures in the DragonFlight extension. However, a question that has not been answered so far is whether these measures are applied retroactively or restrict only to the DragonFlight craft.

Idea: craft orders

In order to counteract the (under RAID and Dungeon Performance Aspects) occupational hopping and to give a WOW hero for a reason to identify not only as a knight or magician, but also as a tailor, as a alchemist or blacksmith, craft orders become introduced by players.

You want to sew something, but are not a tailor? Then it just orders you from another craftsman! You are looking for the desired item in a browser, pays for the required materials and a manufacturing fee. Your order is then listed, including in an auction house-like interface. You can add messages to the order so that the craftsman who is interested in the job, for example, knows when you need the item. Cool: You can only make your order visible only to guild members.

But why but the whole? You could also summarize his items in the auction house? Yes, but not everyone! Through craft orders, you can have items that would actually be bound by crafting to the craftsman! And a second advantage of orders: usually players items in masses make only a few skill points. Perhaps the system not only helps with the craft orders that their item can get hold of, on which they usually have no access due to their soul-bond. No, perhaps craftsmen have to spare fewer materials on suspicion and can improve their job more targeted about orders - and save on top of that resources.

Idea: quality

Different qualities of manufactured items are currently defining themselves at the item system: green, blue, violet, orange. This is important to understand. Why shake about it? In the first step before, to fill the craft generally with fresh wind. Reagents have one of three different quality levels: bronze, silver and gold. The high quality the reagents, the better the item. So means: she bangs in a pair of boots leather boots for your Druids exclusively resources of gold quality, then the boots produced are better than would you use bronze mats. This "better" then means that you reach a higher ITemlevel of these boots. Or, if you bride a drank that this brandy has a better effect.

Finally, such a system helps to reduce the number of redundant and superfluous craft recipes. On the other hand, a larger selection of materials also ensures an incentive to farm. Whether this is really implemented, is quite in the stars, because the idea appears a bit spongy and little tangible. And the WOW developers have already proven in the past that they could not implement good ideas in accordance with their ideas - and these ideas then landed in the ton. Appearance of the...

Idea: specializations

Classic and burning crusade players are still doing pretty well, the specializations, especially for occupations such as leather processing, tailoring and blacksmithing. The weaving of shadow twist brought Schneider regularly to the Shadow Mondal to transform a bit of fabric every few days using their pixel life. For this they could produce for shadow priests and wagensmaster one of the strongest pseudoetts of the whole extension. That was not really exciting at the end of the day, but that gave the players of the particular specialization a sense of power and importance.

In Wow (Buy Now): DragonFlight should be able to earn specializing points on a variety of ways. So you could find about an old book and smarter at the leaves. Or you will find a hermit in a cave, who shares long-forgotten knowledge with you. And yes, the more points you are in a specialization of your profession, the better you will. But this does not make other craftsmen of the same school in the guild not superfluous; While you serve as an armorer, someone else could be in the clan of the Master's Schwefschmied par excellence!

Idea: craft attributes

Only briefly in the idea of WOW: Dragonflight is torn to the idea that occupations have their own attributes to take the influence on your ability and the manufacturable quality of the items. Palified seem to be as stats like resourcefulness and inspiration. How exactly the system works, we can not necessarily do so. And since it was not imagined properly, the WOW devs seem not to be exactly clear about it. But after all, these attributes, these crafting stats should also be found on the artworks that exist in different quality (how should it be different). More about the equipment is the same.

Idea: craftsmans

Professions Revamp | World of Warcraft: Dragonflight The idea of craftsmans are not new in wow. Alchemists or specialized craftsmen know the process of transmutations and other valuable resources: you must visit a specific location in the game world to exercise your craft. In the DragonFlight capital Valdrakken, there are craftsmans for every profession, where the crafting heroes can meet. Some one will ask: what should that? The Answer: There should be a community feeling again. The craft should not only be caused by the items and the crafts, but also from the optics. Just on the way 30 pockets sew together, that's a bit contrary to the idea of a craft.

Idea: Craftspotter

There are WOW fans who just like to deal with the craft. In order to fully live out the imagination, the WOW designers design craft equipment for you (and for every profession) in which you can hatch. This, in turn, ensures that your professional objects do not have to carry around in the inventory, like skirts - this saves space in the pockets and means for you that you can collect and manufacture more! And then these armor should have stats. Theoretically. Whether this really will come in practice, we will be able to see that in the alpha or beta of WoW: DragonFlight .

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