GHOSTBUSTERS VR and MOSS: Book II announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, this is now the name of the program under which META, a change of name obliges, holds its annual Mass to take stock of the upcoming outings of Quest 2, the helmet that now monopolizes all attentions in its ecosystem. After a 2021 edition offered us the ads of Resident Evil 4 VR and Lone Echo 2, Meta had also kept some assets in his sleeve for this new presentation, which voluntarily focused on nearby rather than distant outings.

The program was starting with a safe bet with The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution , an extension title for the rest of the interactive SKYDANCE successful survival game, the exit is expected this year. The adventure always takes place in a post-Apo New Orleans with the promise of an even more dangerous journey, always also chick in resources and generous living. This suite is for the moment announced on Meta Quest 2 and Steamvr, while waiting for confirmation on other platforms.

Electronic Arts is not tempted by virtual reality? Too bad, it's a statuspro that will take advantage of it to make a name with NFL Pro Era , the first official game of the National Football League in virtual reality, which translates into immersion from the lawn, necessarily. The game will be available this fall on Meta Quest 2 but also PlayStation VR.

Among US VR has confirmed its output on Meta Quest 2 and Steamvr for this fall, while announcing that the famous social deduction game that made twitch twitch will also be available on PlayStation VR2 at the launch of the latter. This VR edition is the fruit of a partnership between Innersloth, Teddy Robot and Schell Games. Known for I Expect You To Die and Util You Fall, Schell Games has signed with Meta to release three additional games over the next few years.

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Science fiction is honored with Red Matter 2 , direct suite of 2020 adventure and reflection game, always developed by the Vertical Spanish Studio Robot. Continuing the story just after the open end of the first game, this suite will take the player wander on the moon or in a spatial station in orbit around the rings of Saturn. The riddles will always be at the center of the experience, but the adventure looks longer and richer mechanically, we are told, without forgetting the stars of realization.

Still a suite with ESPIRE 2 , spying game whose campaign will be playable in cooperation at its exit in 2022. This is the main novelty of this title still developed by Digital Lode and published by TripWire, as its predecessor who had not specially convinced.

That the Questeux are reassured, the exclusive PS VR will only hold a few months since Moss: Book II will be available on the Oculus Store in the course of summer. For his return on March 31, following the 2018 Action-Adventure Game seduced Furolith by offering a chapter longer but still enchanting and endearing, like his heroin rodger. On Meta Quest 2, the connection between Quill and the player will benefit from the Oculus Touch pair, joysticks that will also manipulate the environment or the inventory more freely.

Studio Characterbank represented Japan with RUINSMAGUS , role-playing game for a year-round exit on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR. The game claims 26 Quests entirely lined in Japanese telling the adventures of a magician apprentice in search of secrets buried in obviously well-kept ruins, ruins that conveniently are under the streets of Grand AMNIS, city that will do the basic office operations.

Declination of the famous Paradox Interactive City Building Game, Cities VR by Fast Travel Games will be available next week on Quest 2, April 28 more exactly, with a 10% discount on launch (26.99 euros).

Large year last year, Resident Evil 4 VR returned to announce the immediate and free availability of mercenary mode. It is for reminder of a timed arcade mode in which one chooses its character and attempts to mark as much points as possible by shading from the ganado until the arrival of the helicopter. For the occasion, the Armature studio has created 20 new challenges, added online rankings as well as bonuses to unlock (big head, accelerated mode, black and white filter), bonus that Leon can find in the main campaign.

Beat Saber , the homemade musical prodigy, also made an appearance by vowing to continue to gesticulate users this year again by eating additional content. After the OST5 outputs and the Fall Out Boy Pack, Beat Games announces that the next on the list is named Electronic Mixtape, a pack including artist tracks like Deadmau5, Marshmello and Pendulum. Exit scheduled for soon.

Here's then BoneLab , Successor of Boneworks and next Stress Level Zero, Studio, which focuses on the interactions and management of physics. Advised for this year on Meta Quest 2 and Steamvr, this FPS has for a strange underground training laboratory whose player seeks to escape after escaping his execution.

Another flagship studio of virtual reality, Ndreams had the honor of concluding the show with a Sony (!) License to announce Ghostbusters VR on Meta Quest 2. Taking place in San Francisco and Non New York, This action-adventure game will offer a campaign playable alone or in cooperation with up to three companions. With regard to a game Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, we can imagine finding it in time on PlayStation VR2, but no launch window has been communicated. In any case, it is the second game SOS ghost announced this year after the Ghostbusters: Unleashed Spirits of Illfonic who intends for traditional platforms.