Eintracht Frankfurt feels outstanding well

The epochal coup at Camp Nou seemed a short night later in Eintracht Frankfurt.

Wakened by the beautiful Spanish sun, the Europa League heroes were able to revel in the best weather in unforgettable memories: 30,000 own fans, most of them with white top, in the stadium, the big FC Barcelona folded out, celebrated a full-day party and now the international title Fest in the sights. What sounds like a dream, has become reality for the Hesse on Thursday. "We feel outstanding well. We made something historical," said Board spokesman Axel Hellmann.

The Furiose 3: 2 of the team of Chef Trainer Oliver Glasner will get a firm place in the Eintracht story, so much is safe. "It was perfect, just as it was," Torketern Kevin Trapp said after a memorable evening, leaving a stubborn Barça coach Xavi Hernandez and completely ecstatic and leaving the final in Seville Frankfurter.

In the semi-final duels with West Ham United (28 April and May 5), the next big step towards the second European Cup Triumph after 1980 will be made. "I think there is no club that is able to produce so much momentum," Hellmann announced. With the hosted occurrence of the team and the superior support from the curve, Eintracht collected nationwide sympathy points. Europa League winner of the hearts is the team felt already, but that is not enough for the ambitious club.

glassner makes the "diver"

The otherwise quiet Glasner was properly inflated in the course of the iconic triumph. As a "diver", the 47-year-old Austrians threw himself on the lawn, his after-destroyed pants called glassners as "no matter". Instead, he emphasized the importance of the evening of Barcelona for him - and will also have in the future. "That broke into the heart forever. I will take these feelings until I hopefully get a floor up sometime," Glasner said, after playing players and fans extensively.

UNBELIEVABLE SCENES! Eintracht Frankfurt Fans TOOK OVER the Nou Camp and WON!

In the middle of the magical hours in the huge Camp Nou, President and boss beef drinker Peter Fischer had given the big celebration command. "Today is Barcelona in Frankfurt hand. Today we celebrate the biggest party that has ever seen this city," said Fischer, who tasted the victory of his club about the so great world association particularly good. The President had already consumed Dosenbier on Plaça de Catalunya afternoon and enjoyed the spring sun from the self-retirement century.

Europe journey continues

The century games are now over, but the journey continues. Now it goes to London, where the semi-final first leg takes place at West Ham. Board Hellmann is already excited. "I expect a real eagle invasion there and then strams is about collecting the final. With London we have an invoice open, with the city," Hellmann said. In 2019, the crazy way ended through the Europa League near Chelsea in penalties - with the dream day with the Away Coup at Camp Nou, the journey is still a mistake this time. And that regardless of the further course.

Glasner, Hellmann, Fisherman and Hellmanns board Markus Kröse gave unison the same direction: the final in Seville, which will be held on May 18th. This is "the clear goal," said crosse. For club head fisherman, it's not just about another attractive journey and the second title coup on European stage. He also wants to "drop out of the damn trophy" as he admitted uncharified at the festive reception in front of the Barcelona second leg.

The nocturnal pictures from the stadium as well as the kilometer long march to the huge football temple - especially in the recent pandemic past - unimaginable. As the fan masses celebrated until shortly before midnight in a strange stadium and a foreign city, even internationally strongly cared for attention.

Frustration at World Champion Xavi

And the many small stories: Martin Hinteregger, three years ago in the penalty crimin against Chelsea tragic hero, were celebrated by the whole curve al1. Double track Filip Kostic wanted to force his change in the summer and now hits the jersey before the curve, which he did not want to wear anymore. Torwart Trapp, who lost five years ago with Paris 1: 6 at Camp Nou and was now able to revanchate late with the huge coup. It was surreal.

The top club from Catalonia was powerfully operated after the next depth. Chef coach Xavi Hernandez spoke of a "planning error" because of which there were so many guest fans took the Camp Nou. The longtime world-class kicker felt brought to the home advantage, club-president Joan Laporta attracted himself according to its own statement and announced countermeasures. It swung a lot of frustration when the responsible persons of Barça had to explain that from against a team, which lies in the Bundesliga behind Union Berlin or the 1st FC Cologne. "Our fans are most creative to get themselves on all about tickets. That was the way and will always be like that," Hellmann realized. The Run on the tickets in the London Olympic Stadium, where West Ham issues its home games, will be gigantic again.