CyberPunk 2077: NEXT GEN (PS5 and Xbox Series) versions Available immediately! Real improvements?

This Kinda SUCKS! - Cyberpunk 2077 Next Gen Update is HERE (PS5/Xbox) The image that had been leaving 15 days ago on the PlayStation Network servers was already a strong index, but today it's CD Projekt Red, which formalizes the arrival of the Next Gen 'version of CyberPunk 2077. In the Fouling with its stream, the Polish studio has made these PS5 and Xbox Series X versions available through an update that will improve the performance of the game on these consoles. Like most titles, we will have the choice between a "performance" mode (4K dynamic / 60fps unstable) and a "ray tracing" mode that offers dynamic 4K and a stable frame of 30 frames per second. Only the Xbox Series must be content to show from 1440P to 30fps. Of course, these versions will benefit from minimal loading times and compatibility with the features of the Dualsense, via the haptic return and adaptive triggers. In order to illustrate all this, CD Projekt Red has also published a 30-minute gameplay video for each support, PS5 and Xbox Series, so that efforts have been made. It will be possible to change its appearance along the way, by accessing directly to its apartment.

Numerous people who have emerged disappointed with this presentation since they expected in addition to the best technical performance at an Open World and richer in NPC, which was clearly not the case. Others pointed a laborious presentation, which was missing from PEPs, especially after the backlash that the game suffered when it released in December 2020. In fact, history not to work the players once again The Polish studio has set up a free Trial of the game on PS5 and Xbox Series for a period of 5 hours, while the update will be free from the PS5 and Xbox One versions.


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