The output window of Last of US PlayStation 5 Remake is suggested

The Golden Joystick Honors (Golden Call Honor in its Spanish translation), additionally recognized as Individuals's Gaming Honors, is a gratifying ceremony of video games which provides the finest video games of the year, as voted originally by the public British, yet now it can be voted by any individual online. It is the 2nd earliest video game award event after Gallery Awards.

The Universe of Last of Us has a big year in front of him. On HBO, we will see it as a new series, with stamped actors giving life to Joel and Ellie in a new series that will be released in 2022. But, there were other rumors to go with the last of us, This allusion to a remake for PlayStation 5.

According to a privileged source, Tom Henderson, editor for information sites on video games such as IGN, announced on Twitter that the remake of the game could go out in the second half of 2022. Although it would be fantastic, there is Already had a remake for the game in a past not so far.

Last Of Us 2 Director's Cut & Controversial PS5 Remake Coming 2022 Well, technically, it was for the PlayStation 4, and it was in 2014. It was a year after the initial release of the game, in 2013, for the PlayStation 3.

So, while the last of us technically do not need upgrades for the PlayStation 4 and can be played on the PlayStation 5. But, this could be an excellent upgrade — not necessarily in the content of the Game itself, but in the visual and audio quality that the PlayStation 5 can provide, compared to the previous generation of PlayStation.

The fact that the Remastered game can release end 2022 is also not a coincidence. It may not have to do with the effort that was put in the game, but everything has to do with the fact that the Last of US HBO series should go out at this time.

And too, we did not hear Sony, nor Naughty Dog, talk about a possible remake of PlayStation 5 for the game. Not yet at least. We will have to see if it is only a rumor mill, or if we can wait for this game impatiently in the future not so far from 2022.


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