Bad mood at the FC Chelsea: Gray Tuchel His Stars?

For a year, Thomas Tuchel is now team manager at the FC Chelsea, which he led home to win the Champions League. Although it does not continue to be athletic, the German is now threatening violent headwind.

The speech that Thomas Tuchel selects is intended to severely believe the actors of the FC Chelsea. This reports The Athletic. Accordingly, trafficking should be approached especially with the offensive forces of blues.

A non-detailed source from the environment of the Londoner describes the type of 48-year-old as a brutal. The players are regularly considered by Tunnel during training and in the game for any false decision and a given opportunity with a barrier of criticism.

Tunnel's rigorous occurrence should now have led to question the attackers, hardly play instinctively playing and even afraid to risk things, so the source continues. Furthermore, at some stars, the impression should have been created that Tunnel is the choice of the right personnel for the games often out of the emotion out, instead of putting form and fitness to the first place.

The successes of the past season should have stifled the critical voices. Now, where you are already in third ten points behind leaders Manchester City, however, the critics find hearing, concluding the report.

Bad mood at the FC Chelsea?

Respect for what he has reached is still existent, but the bond is no longer as tight as she was, a further source of scarf is quoted. In the past few weeks, the mood on the club terrain should not have been good overall.

Ultimately, some stars should even play with the idea of ​​leaving Chelsea.

The most famous example should be Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian explained in December 2021 towards Sky team managers : I'm physically good, but I'm not satisfied with my situation at Chelsea. Tunnel has decided for another game system. I will continue to be professional, but I'm not happy

Angry Statements that did not get well with the coach. Tunnel completely renounced some games on Lusaka. In the end, however, there was a reconciliation. In internally, the fire will continue to blaze.