Adult Dark Fantasy Novel -HAPPY SAIN † SHEOL

Domestic Circle The Round 122px Temporal, Mt. Fort started free distribution of trial version of Text Adventure -HAPPY MAIN † SHEOL-Happy Saint Shadow on January 1st. The product version will be released within 2022. However, this work includes a globe / sexual representation, and purchases under 18 years of age are prohibited.

—HAPPY MAIN † SHEOL-Happy Saint Shawl is a text adventure game depicting very ordinary girls. Land to be the stage of this work was eroded and devastated to a major disaster mistress to rotten every 2000 years ago. Under such circumstances, the temple Saint Shawl is constructed by the people who are going to live. The main character will work in the state capital by her blood edge and work as Saint Shawl's Training Course.

It was the main character to be excited in the city capital of her longing, but the reality was harsh. The eyes of the curiosity and ridiculous pointed from the surroundings to the chemical work deployed in the temple. Her cold gentle her seniors are beaten, and the main character is forced to live in unfamiliar land. On the other hand, among them, her fellow girls Maya and people who are elite Are of the Probable Magic Department and the Gentle Greta of the Medical Court. And the main character who has a difficult day is in her dream in her dream.

This work is a cute pattern standing picture, a cute style opening movie. However, the story drawn in the view of the World Words is quite killed, and human relationships are never clean. In the deepest part of the temple with disturbing air, it is said that the dark darkness is drawn in this world, such as fear, astonishing, attachment and vision. Nominal play time is about 12 hours. As described at the beginning, in addition to the exposed violence, crime, bloody, and globe mes in this work, sexual depictions are also included.

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The circle radius 122px tail, Mt. Castle developed this work is a creation unit consisting of two domestic creators. Mr. Hawaii, which is responsible for planning, configuration, and illustration, and Anime, which is responsible for the configuration and scenario, is leading to create production. In addition, Mr. Bring, a composer, is participating in the music and sound of -HAPPY MAIN † SHEOL-Happy Saint Shawl.

—HAPPY MAIN † SHEOL-Happy Saint Shall is currently distributing free trial version at Booth. The release of the product version is scheduled within 2022. However, purchases under 18 years old are prohibited.