Unvaccinated Paderborn

The hitherto unvaccinated coach Lukas Kwasniok from the football second division SC Paderborn would deflect immediately in the event of a general vaccination obligation, but apparently only then.

I am a legislative citizen. In the case of a general withdrawal, I would also be vaccinated, said the 40-year-old the Westfalen-Leaf.

JUST IN: Germany Announces Lockdown For Unvaccinated And Could Soon Make Shots Compulsory Everyone may freely choose in Germany, whether he can vaccinate or not. That you are reading a free decision again and again, I find hard understandable, Kwasniok said.

For the coach, which must currently stand with a mouth-nose protection on the field, but it is important to keep damage from his fully vaccinated family or the club, he assured. I think of all given measures to avoid infections, he said, I work with my team almost daily, otherwise live more restrained and instead improve my cooking arts in the evening.

Meanwhile, the new President Thomas Sage wants to exercise no pressure on the trainer regarding an earlier vaccine. I would like to see it when every employee is vaccinated of our club. Since I will not get tired, conviction, he said, But we live in a democracy. That's a high, and therefore I respect the individual Right of each individual.


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