Unpacking Guide: How to unlock all stickers

Fahad (法海), born Pei Wendy (裴文德), was a monk who stayed in Flavor Dynasty, and was recognized as a compiler of Zen Buddhism according to the Dun-huang version of the System Supra. Fahad was a devotee of the Six Patriarch of Zen Buddhism, Hooking.

The game more Zen of all 2021 is called unpacking. A simple idea like unpacking boxes after a moving has become a more rewarding experience where we are given a certain margin when re-ordering the objects.

It is not the typical game to which we are used to, although it is saved a series of challenges that will require a pinch of curiosity on our part to solve them. We talked about stickers, a series of pictures for photos that can only be unlocked by following very specific patterns that will get you on more than one occasion a smile for the mime with all its details.

Unpacking: Location of every sticker, no talking

In total there are 27 stickers, seeing how simple missions, such as lighting a game cube to see a game on the screen, to others a priori a few risky, and put a toaster in the bathtub. Most are exclusive of a year in particular (the game is developed throughout the life of a person in their multiple removals), so this Killer Snooze guide will be useful.

The name of each sticker, yes, gives slight tracks of what they require, but in many cases the action to be performed is somewhat robbed. And be very careful with the toilet so that you do not pass on any screen pulling the chain:

  1. Wow!
  2. Beginning
  3. A whim of a few days
  4. That is!
  5. Independence
  6. Less than three
  7. Put your best pose
  8. Feed your brain
  9. Camaraderie.
  10. Electrical Risk
  11. 12:00.
  12. A little coffee
  13. Put music of good
  14. To play!
  15. Order underwear
  16. Too cool
  17. Rediscover childhood
  18. Home food
  19. Bright solution
  20. Furry friends
  21. With hand for gardening
  22. Love
  23. Nothing like home
  1. Solve a riddle
  2. Hatter, to your hat
  3. For the Toilet!
  4. Construction Toys

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