Ten games we would like to bring at the start in 2022 to the Xbox Game Pass

This list provides the notable jobs connected to the computer game (items, devices, adaptations, occasions...) that have been launched as part of a participatory financing project.

Day one starts for Xbox Game Pass have become true meat and bone of the service and offer you the opportunity to play the latest publications on the first day as part of your subscription. 2021 Through the start on the Xbox Game pass, Fora Horizon 5 reached nine million players, and Back 4 Blood and Outriders were successful with this method.

And since 2022 will be full of new games due to pandemie-related delays, we would be happy to see some large triple-a titles for our list of the best Xbox Series X games and some exciting looking indies to see their way to service when they start.

That's why we have put together a list of upcoming Xbox Series X Games, which in our opinion should come on the market Xbox Game pass at startup to really increase the number of players from the first day.

Let's readily come to the ten games, of which we believe that you would benefit from starting directly on the Xbox Game Pass and increase your range.

Rainbow Six: Extraction

Publication date: 20 . January 2022

Rainbow Six Extraction already does a lot to get people through the door, whether it's the lower price or to offer a buddy pass for your friends. The start in Game Pass and the awareness of its around 20 million subscribers, however, will give this tactical shooter a significant thrust.

Rainbow Six Extraction is based on Loop Gameplay and Cross-Play and is a probable candidate for the January series of Game Pass Games — especially as its larger brother, Rainbow Six victories, is already available on the service.

The king of the fighters XV

Release date: 17 . February 2022

The King of Fighters XV is currently running risk of being owned by a busy February. Between Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and Elder Ring, Game pass would really give the game to the urgently needed to be thrust.

With online modes, Game pass subscribers will help to keep the player base healthy, especially as the INK fighting game will undoubtedly look great thanks to its exclusive publication of the new generation.

Evil Dead: The game

Date of publication: February 2022

Saber Interactive version of the multiplayer horror formula of Dead by Daylight looks great. In addition to multiplayer modes, the game offers offline solo games with bots, which means that Evil Dead: The Game for all players looks like a fantastic Xbox horror game.

Again, Game Pass will come on the market in a busy month and offer this free marketing and limelight for a game that could fly very well under the radar.


Publication date: 16 . March 2022

Tunic has long been the darling of upcoming Xbox games. Tunic is a beautiful dungeon crawler in Zelda style, which was shown for the first time before 2018 in the world and then seen on the Xbox E3 show 2018 on stage.

Developed by a person, Andrew Should ice, Tunic is released at a relatively quiet time for Xbox, but will undoubtedly millions of people impress Xbox Game Pass subscribers when it was made available.

WWE 2K22

Release date: March 2022

After the incorrect release of WWE 2K20, 2K Plug would be free to offer WWE 2K22 for Game Pass subscribers for free.

This is the second game, which was developed exclusively internally by 2K, after the popular yuks have separated from the franchise. As a reinterpretation of the WWE games, all of their fair share of problems, Game Pass could be a great start ramp for WWE 2K22.

Sons of the forest

Publication date: 20 . May 2022

Sons of the Forest has made great excitement since its announcement with the fans of Xbox survival games. With scary, humanoid creatures and the same scary atmosphere as its predecessor The Forest is expected that End night's latest work is attracting some looks in 2022.

Survival games were not too widespread from Game Pass since the start of the service, but Sons of the Forest could be a great first step to expand the service survival library of the service. The game should currently appear only for the PC, but we would like to see it on Xbox consoles.

Steel climbing

Publication date: June 2022

Spiders (the developer, not the animal) is known to develop entertaining games in unique scenes. However, they often lack the splendor they would expect from a modern game. Steel rising looks like it would fit pretty well in this form, even though we have to wait until the start to see how the game really cuts out.

At the beginning of the French Revolution, contact the Robot Army of Louis XVI with fatal steampunk weapons to take it with the king and its rows. The last game of Spiders, Deadfall, recorded a huge increase in the chatter and popularity when the Xbox Game pass attributed, so the French developers with Steel rising could do this right from the start.

Saints Row

Publication date: 23 . August 2022

So far, it has not felt as if the restart of Saints Row had really made headlines. The new style, the new setting and the new sound have definitely asked some players whether the game really meets his name.

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Although there is a long way from the start, Saints Row would be a beautiful big triple-a-day-one game for Xbox Game Pass, the kick start for a busy autumn for game publications. It would also help to inspire people again for the traditional gameplay of the series and bring them to spend part of their money for DLC and future extensions.

Gotham Knights

Publication date: 2022

Gotham Knights is by far the biggest title on this list. The game, which comes from WB Games Montreal, takes the Batman-Arkham formula and transfers them into a cooperative action adventure for two players in which they hunt Arkham's deadly enemies like Robin, Batgirl, Night wing or Red Hood.

It is likely that Game's pass will aim to buy one or two major third-party games as a day-one release in 2022, and in view of the co-op approach to Gotham Knights, this would fit well.

Shadow War 3

Publication date: 2022

The Shadow Warrior series has a long tradition that returns until 1997, but after a restart in the 2010s in 2010, Shadow Warrior 3 seems to be the most beautiful, gripping and most action FPS from Flying Wild Hog.

With tons of disgusting demons and despicable creatures as well as new equipment and venues, Shadow Warrior 3 is one of the most exciting FPS games in 2022. The Game Pass would be a great way to inspire the people for the rapid fighting, the fans of the series love.

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Since you have our selection of games, of which we believe that you should come to the Xbox Game Pass at the start. Is there anything on this list you would like to try before buying, or would you like to buy some of these games?