Solar Ash: How to collect all Eternal Garden Caches Noah Nelson

Eternal Garden in Sun ash is a Gothic, dark area, yet stunning. In this area, a new fungal mechanism is introduced, the rails on or doors open. It is easy to get lost in this fungus fantasy land, but do not worry, because we have you covered. Here are the instructions for collecting all the Eternal Garden caches in solar Ash.

The latest game of heart machine and Annapurna Interactive, solar Ash is our generation remain as one of the best 3D indie adventure in memory. It is a shorter game, and it is inspired by other games, but solar Ash is a unique own creation and will impress in your memory long after the credits roll. Further guidance on all aspects of solar Ash, such as collecting all the caches in Iron root pool or defeating a tough boss, can be found here.

bones hiding

For starters, the right of the cathedral are two caches right before your eyes. The right is the bone cache because it sits on a bone and the left is the building roof cache because... well, he's on the roof of a building. To get the bones cache, you have to make the blue fungus and travel time for the blue receiver. This creates a bar on the thorny ditch. Climb up to the bone, use the black mud to climb it, and grab the cache above.

building roof cache

The roof of the building cache seems impossible to get. What you need to do is to go to the left of bone cache. A slope of a fallen tower up and on the left you will see a few gripping points. Used to swing it and the bones lying around on the roof of the building. Once there, you know the drill. Search the cache and it will be yours.

Top of the Hill Cache

Another cache that is seemingly unattainable, is the top-of-the-Hill cache. Just opposite the entrance to the cathedral is a high, fluffy cloud with a building at the top. The cache is located inside the building, but the road is blocked. To open it, you need definitely the Redshift steeplechase suit, you took all Iron root pool caches for finding. You will need the additional boosts.

Go to yellow mushroom next to the Dominant. The color effects of each fungus do not last very long on, so you have limited time to reach the yellow receiver. Once you up the hill the fastest course and have shown the yellow recipients, hitting the yellow mushroom and skating you like the wind. If you are successful, the path is clear for you to the cache to snag on the hill above.

Behind the Cathedral Cache

There are links from the cathedral stone steps that lead you through another thorny ditch. Once you have crossed the line, are straight two enemies with bone heads. Take them out is yours and the cache at the end of the corridor.

Cathedral Pit Cache

Finally, the cache is Domgrube. To get to the pit area of ​​the Cathedral, you must solve the mystery fungus in the cathedral itself. Once you have thrown felt hundreds of meters into the darkness beneath the cathedral, you will find an anomaly demolishing an elder to talk and a cache for collection.

Light up your way by hitting the blue mushrooms. Open the doors by hitting the correct color mushroom and go to the correct color receiver. Once you have destroyed the anomaly, look for the red mushroom in the extra-dark and spacious room. Once you have the red mushroom, open the red door. Climb into this room on the rocks to your left, jump over and grab you the cache.

Once you have collected all the Eternal Garden caches in solar Ash, you get Pats suit called The Robber Engine. Apart from the fact that the suit looks pretty smooth, it allows regaining shield energy you when enemies are destroyed. Quite useful for players who are looking for a hard fight for something extra life.

Sonnensche is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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