Revealed new games of Xbox Game Pass for December 2021

Aliens: Fire team Elite is a 2021 multiplayer third-person shooter game established by Cold Iron Studio in cooperation with Disney's 20th Century Games. It is the first Alien game since Alien: Power outage and also is a standalone follow up to the initial Alien trilogy. As opposed to Alien: Isolation, Fire team Elite is much more in line with Aliens: Colonial Militaries, and also focuses on activity as opposed to survival-horror. The game is a third-person co-op shooter, able to be played with buddies or AI colleagues.

Microsoft has revealed the last list of titles that will soon arrive at Xbox Game Pass to complete the month of December. This month has already been important for the Xbox subscription platform with launches such as Halo infinite and aliens: Fire team Elite splashing on the platform. Fortunately, even with these marquee launches that have already reached Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is not ready to stop with new additions.

In total, it was revealed that 11 new games will arrive at Xbox Game Pass to complete December. Some of these games, such as Entire, and The Gunk, was expected to come to the service. However, Microsoft also surprised surprisingly that dear games such as Combat 11 will now also be directed to the service. Best of all is that each of these 11 titles is scheduled to launch at the end of this week, which means you will not have to wait a lot to play any of them.

Here is the full list of new titles that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass along with the platforms in which they will be available:

Entire us (Cloud) — December 15 BEN 10: Power trip (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Rota (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Firewater (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 The Gunk (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Ago (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Combat 11 (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Patella canine mighty pups save adventure bay (cloud, console and PC) — December 16

Xbox Game Pass Reveals 11 New Games for December | Beloved Game Returning for PS5 & Xbox? |News Dose Carrera with Ryan (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Registry of Loss War: Deed lit in Wonder Labyrinth (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16 Transformers: Battle Fields (Cloud, Console and PC) — December 16

As you can see, this is a rather varied range of games that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass. In all likelihood, this should be the final list of Additions to Game Pass for 2021, but we should expect to see many more games on the platform from the beginning of 2022.

What do you think of this new list of games released at Xbox Game Pass? Do any of these titles will subscribe to the service if it is not yet subscribed? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.


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