Rapid Trainer Ferdinand Feldhofer over Matchplan in Genk: Double exciting

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To overwinter in Europe, the SK Rapid needs a victory today in Genk. With third place, the tail light from Dusseldorf would board the K.O. Phase of Conference League.

The starting position in front of today's European League-Clash in Group H on the last match day is clear for Rapid: Two course is out of reach, but with a victory, but tight Rapid would overtake ARC Genk and overwhelm three in the Conference League. Everything but three points mean that.

For the Belgians, the game is by no means irrelevant — with a win against Rapid, Genk could rank two climbing, Dynamo Zagreb should pass against West Ham (as expected).

We look forward to this final at European stage, for us the starting position is clearly clear, we have to win. Genk can even remain in the Europa League, but lose everything in a defeat against us, says Rapid Trainer Ferdinand Feldhofer Tickets on the table.

Already with the WAC, Feldhofer surveyed once internationally, failed in the Europa League sixteenth finale but Tottenham. To achieve that with a second team would be something special. We will put everything to reach the K.O. Phase, announces Feldhofer.

Feldhofer: Apparently, what it lacks

Zerega Indoors - Impact Pro A/B - Timbo & Gary L vs Robert & Patrick - Filmed By Shena - 11.27.2021 From the 1: 1 against Viennese Austria are to be consulted in advance, with the derby performance, it would not be enough for a victory in Belgium. It was obvious what it's missing: That's efficiency. I'm so self-confident that I know that we will get our chances. We have to use our chances, We have to use the Feldhofer.

Genk's opportunities for a whereabouts in the Europa League make the game twice the Brian. Genk will probably play on victory — that could open spaces for Rapid. For them, the situation is twice exciting. We will be observing as it stands between West Ham United and Dynamo Zagreb, whether Genk then tactically changes something, says Feldhofer.

What Rapid Expected exactly, is even more difficult to forecast by the coaching situation in Genk. Coach John van The From was released on Monday, his assistants Glen Riddersholm and Domenico Oliveira take over for the game today Thursday. It will not change much, they will not have the greatest self-confidence. With our kind of playing football, we can hurt the opponent already, admit Feldhofer.

The table before the last match day

| Club | Games | +/- | Pkt. - 1 | West Ham Ltd. | 5 | 9 | 13 2 | Dynamo Zagreb | 5 | 2 | 7 3 | Arc Genk | 5 | -5 | 5 4 | Rapid Vienna | 5 | -6 | 3

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