PUBG: NEW STATE Conducted the first large update since the formal service start! A new generic system L85A3 and a new survivor path appear!

PUBG Japan Co., Ltd. (Deputy Director, Shibuya, Tokyo, Kim Chauhan), PUBG STUDIOS is a mobile game application PUBG: NEW STATE, which develops in-house based on PUBG: Battlegrounds (Peak Beat Battle Crowns) I knew that a large update was performed.

PUBG Japan Co., Ltd. (Deputy Director, Shibuya, Tokyo, Kim Chauhan), PUBG STUDIOS is a mobile game application PUBG: NEW STATE, which develops in-house based on PUBG: Battlegrounds (Peak Beat Battle Crowns) We will inform you that a large update was conducted.

Various new elements such as new guns and vehicles, new customizations appear!

In this update, new items and new elements have been added such as new vehicles, firearms and customization. New Vehicle Electron (Electron: Electric Vehicle, 6-seater), MESA (MESA: Gasoline Sports Car, Two-seater), new generic L85A3 (Blu-Pap Assault Rifle, 5.56. mm, bullets) Appear, L85A3 adds a dedicated customization feature. Customization options have been added to SLR and M416, and the width of strategic in the selection of firearms has spread.

In Survivor Pass Vol. 2, various items such as attractive skin can be acquired as a reward, and the story mission is appointed PUBG: New Story Development in which Bella, which is one of the main characters of New State, appears You can enjoy.

Besides, various updates have been made such as the introduction of Manor Index Systems that can check players' play reliability for more healthy game environments, so you can play PUBG: NEW STATE on this occasion please try.

Event that commemorates Christmas season is also held!

A lobby with a theme of winter has appeared. We will also hold events that can earn various rewards such as Christmas Very skin M416. Please check from the official site for details such as the conditions for acquiring reward items and event period.

Au Smart Pass Premium Joint Campaign is also being held!

We are holding cooperative campaigns with entertainment services such as video, music, books and live, such as Au, Doom, Softbank, and any mobile carrier.

Au Smart Pass Premium You can easily get 30 Don Run Jun Medals simply by typing coupon codes sent to members only in the PUBG: New State app.

If you already have a member of Au Smart Pass Premium, please enjoy PUBG: New State at this opportunity.

AU Smart Pass Premium Cooperative Campaign Overview

Period: December 13, 2021 (Mon) 10: 00-2022 February 15 (Tuesday) 23:59

Target player: Au smart path premium member (monthly information fee 499 yen (tax included 548 yen) / First 30 days free)

Content: Au Smart Pass Premium For members only, a gift of PUBG New State is a gift.

How to use: Get coupons from Au Smart Pass Premium dedicated sites and enter coupon codes in the PUBG: New State app. URL: HTTP: //

Au Smart Pass Premium Overview

Au Smart Pass Premium is a convenient app that enhances smartphone lives, a good coupon, an chin smartphone support, etc. (548 yen tax included 548 yen) / for the first 30 days free service.

From November 19, 2019, in addition to the traditional Tofu, fun and Anshan benefits, you will enjoy entertainment digital content such as video, music and books, and from March 2020 Also enjoyed the content for AU5G such as VR and Multi-angle videos.

In addition, real benefits such as a fully invited system live and ticket for a popular artist have also expanded. From December 18, 2019, all customers have a smartphone tablet as well as Au. For details such as the latest benefits, please refer to

PUBG: New State game outline

PUBG: New State is a mobile app developed by PUBG: Battlegrounds, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, developed by Battle Royal Boom. The world of 2051 is the stage, and up to 100 players will be down from the transport machine to the isolated island, and you will fight until it becomes last one with equipment and vehicles in the map.

A characteristic feature such as a drone store that can be purchased with a customized kit and various supplies that can be upgraded, and a recruitment system that allows the enemy to be friendly, and a green fall gun that can be resurrected by a green flare gun, not the end of the second. It is a feature of PUBG: New State to get a chance.

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