PS4: Sony is currently a free

Currently, the PS Store has a game for free on offer that you can download for your PS4. With the game you can collect new trophies within a very short time, which you can add to your list.

Pirates in the approach

Which game is it? The game is Pirate Flight (VR) that you can download free for PS4. However, you need a VR glasses for playing with whom you feel like you are sitting directly in the cockpit of the airplane. The PS camera is also needed to play.

How long does the discount still apply? According to Erickson from the profiles -Forum, the game should be available for download until January 13, 2022.

In the trailer you can watch Pirate Flight yourself:

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According to User Erickson, the trophies should be easy to earn in the game. Overall, there are eleven trophies, but unfortunately you can not earn platinum trophies.

This offers Pirate Flight

Pirate Flight describes itself as the uncomplicated flight game at all. It controls with your plane through rings and shoots balloons that are on your track. The game offers 90 missions, but these missions take place only in three different worlds.

Curiously awaits you on the routes. With these you can not interact, but the cute beings fly around with you and values ​​the environment.

Can I play the game on PS5? You can play Pirate Flight as well with your PS5, but then some functions are not available, which are only compatible with the PS4. You must also note that you need the latest version of the PS5 system software to play.

Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 Review As compensation PS5 owners can secure the PS Plus Collection, which offers a total of 20 free titles:

144 6

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What else can I secure for free? If your member is in PS Plus-U, you can still be until January 3, 2022 Godfall: Challengers Edition, Mortal Shell and Save LEGO DC Super Villains. From January 4, 2022, there is the new PS plus title.

What do you think of Pirate Flight? Will you secure the VR title?