LOL: What is the ability of more harm does it? The answer is not in the champion you thought

League of Legends is loaded with singularities and anomalies that affect different champions. There are hardly any characters in the game that do not stand out in a certain characteristic. It is part of the Riot Games settings strategy, which usually grants large capabilities to heroes in a concrete facet as basic lifestyles and compensates with very marked weaknesses in some other record. In that sense, we have proposed the challenge of finding the skill with the greater capacity of damage that exists in the game.

The 10 MOST OP CHAMPIONS in Preseason 11.23 - League of Legends The skill that more damage makes of League of Legends

To make the interesting search we have established a series of criteria. First, we have been forced to establish realistic starting situations (even if they are unlikely) so as not to mention those skills with infinite climbing. We will also discard those that execute enemies and inflict 9,999 of true damage in case of activating and will be as a requirement that damage is performed in a single blow.

Attending these circumstances, the main candidates are the following. Keep in mind that damage takes into account as much as possible in some very specific assumptions.

Among the champions with more damage we find jinx and sett. Both lead the classification thanks to the escalation based on the lifelong life points of the champion, something that enables them to disintegrate the rival team in the blink of an eye. In a realistic scenario in which they faced a CHO'Path, they could reach the amounts of damage that we observed in the table. Of course, the case of the shooter is somewhat more complicated, since the rival character should have just a few points of life.

The classification is completed by three champions of skill power. The examples of nun and Evelyn calculated with 700 points of skill power and that of Hagar raising the amount to 1050 being a more than real possibility in a departure of League of Legends. The Yeti wins this competition by having the greatest scaling of game damage with a growth of 250% with respect to the statistics of it. He is also, of course, the definitive harder of executing these three.

Although we usually do the opposite exercise, in this case it would not have much sense to think about League of Legends skills with less damage as there are a few tied to zero points. However, we have wanted to add an honorary mention for Virus. The champion does not meet the one-skill criterion, but can run a devastating combo that ends with any rival.

The trick is in the ability of him to inflict damage with skill power. The combo of an arrow enhanced with the W (infected circa) to a rival that has obtained the three brands when it is impacted by the definitive (corruption chain) can be enough to end any character of the game. It is not too useful in the long term, although you can give you some of the funniest moments you can get playing League of Legends.