Chibig Studio, creators of Summer in Mara, announce an event to present three new games

They are good times for Spanish development. With Metro id Dread as one of the games of the year, or national developments that we see at important events, the truth is that Spain is getting better on the map of the video game industry. One of the teams that is most growing is Chi big Studio, and this week they come with news about their future.

The Valencian study, responsible for titles such as Zealand or the latest Summer in Mara, has announced Chi big Presents, an event where they will release three new games that are between hands. We can see a bit of two of them in the teaser trailer they have shared and that you can see below:

Summer in Mara - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

The three games are part of the same universe The presentation will take place the next February 2, 2022, with three new productions that are located in the same universe as the titles mentioned, thus expanding the Lore created by The developer. Part of these projects are being carried out by external studies, and will be published by Chi big itself.

Waiting to know about detail this news, it is worthwhile to stop to mention a couple of things about their last launch. This has harvested success from its premiere, currently surpassing them 300,000 copies sold. We were able to throw the glove at the time and, in our analysis of Summer in Mara, Jesus Bella told us why it is a good option to move to summer, although the proposal remains something short about what we were looking for.