Aeternna Noctis receives a new update in which a more accessible game mode is included

Antenna Notes has been one of the most attractive proposals of Spanish development of recent times, a metervania that stands out for an outstanding artistic style and that was tremendously imaginative at each of its levels. But if for another element the game stood out, it was for its high demand.

The new 'ALGERIA' mode redesign your puzzles and platforms a game challenging on your platforms, puzzles and combats, which now has a new level of difficulty that promises to modify your phases to make them more kind. This new mode has been baptized as veteran and has a reduced difficulty, in addition to a new design for puzzles and platforms, while the notes mode will continue counting with current difficulty.

Could you change at any time between your game modes One of the surprises is that we can change between both modes of difficulty at any time from the game's pause menu, opting for an experience focused on action and the exploration or a more challenging, based on the platform, puzzles and demanding action. The study specifies that the game was designed for notes mode and at the moment, it will be the only one in which you can unlock achievements.

Windows 10 Game Mode ON vs OFF | Tested on RYZEN 5 3600 + VEGA 56 | Benchmarks

The update comes accompanied by Performance Improvements, improvements in the charges between scenes, correction of small errors and adjustments in the equilibrium of enemies in both modes of difficulty for a better progression in the game. You have available patch notes v1.0.006 from the game website at Steam. Veteran Notes also presented his beautiful collector edition yesterday, which will be available in Spain for Spring 2022.