Action Square, New 'Anvil' Global Server 58 Global Servers.. First,

[Data provided: Wage Em Games]

Action Square said that its global new multi-platform shooter action game is the first week of the launch, and it was in the first weekend of the launch, and it is about two times the number of servers,

Prior to, Action Square has been launched through the last 2 days and the Xbox Game Pass, and the Xbox Games Pass.

At the time of the release, it started at a total of 30 servers (10 Koreans, 5 Koreans, 10 North America, 10 Europe, and 5 European), but after the introduction of explosive users, it is about two times a day, In addition, it is expanded with 13 Hong Kong, 10 North America, and 10 Europeans, and the first place to sell the first place in Korea.

In addition, quickly closes the feedback of global users immediately after its release, Hernia's final boss difficulty downward, all 5 stack effects increase, removal of artifacts, removal of artifacts, improves the boundary wave effect, time limited mission planetary monster removal, Balance and compensation patches were conducted.

Blacksmithing - Forging a scythe peening anvil Meanwhile, Danville> Early Access is a total of 11 languages, including Korean and English, and the price of launch is in progress for a week, commemorating its launch to $24.99, the release of 10% in Steam for a week.

supported real-time multiplayer with 3D top down-shooting action games to choose from a variety of characters and differentiated from other games through logicizing methods. The player can cooperate with other users and progress the stage, and applies a cross-play system to enjoy real-time multiplayer between steam and other platform users between steam and Xbox.

Action Square Kim, Yeo-jin, said, Thank you for the hot support you sent to Danville>.