According to reports, Sony develops one with the Xbox Game Pass Competitive service for PS5 and PS4

Sony is finally reinforced by subscription services with A game pass competitors, according to A new report by Bloomberg Jason Schrader. This service with the code name Spartacus will report PS Plus and PS NOW to create a stronger offer than both services offer separately.

According to Bloomberg, the service is expected to start this spring and be available in three stages on PS5 and PS4. The first offers you the standard advantages available from PlayStation Plus, with the second you get access to a library with PS4 games and selected PS5 games.

The last stage apparently will provide something that fans wish for years: full access to a collection of classic PlayStation games of PS1, PS2, PS3 and even the PSP. According to reports, the service should also maintain the PlayStation Plus branding, whereby the service had the last 12 months full of games we have just evaluated.

The finer details such as the pricing, the number of games offered and whether Sony on the first day PlayStation will involve studios games and third-party games, will be announced. Schrader mentions, however, in A separate tweet that he does not expect Sony to include his first party titles, as it does Xbox with Game Pass.

However, this new service will be stronger than its streaming service PlayStation Now, who had been troubling since its introduction, to attract attention.

This new service expected in the spring is expected to maintain branding PlayStation Plus. Do not expect Sony to include his great new games like Game Pass on the first day, but the expectation is a stronger offer as PlayStation Now

— Jason Schrader (Jason Glute) 3 . December 2021

If the start of this service is planned next year, Sony will imagine the show in a few months in a PS5 Showcase or State of Play. However, while we have to wait, reports that PlayStation will eventually soon have a worthy competitor for Xbox Game Pass, many inspire many.