[Todays Steam] Total Nondogur, Battlefield 2042 Alternative Negative

Total Destruction is a real-time strategy computer game for Advanced computer, developed in 1997 by Chris Taylor and also Cave dog Enjoyment. It was the very first video game of this category in executing 3D graphics in systems and also land, an extremely significant action each time when graphic cards with 3D acceleration were not yet usual.

The atmosphere of the Battlefield 2042 is not impermeable. After the past 19th, it has finished the preliminary play and has been released to the top of the world in the world,

Currently, Battlefield 2042 has a negative evaluation of 74% of 34,268 reviews in the steam. Reasons for evacuation is also composite. It is pointed out that it is pointed out that it is not the fact that the PVP-based game, such as a balance problem, tilting the game, and the playfulness of the game, which is a significant amount of fun, and the funny shot of the game, Even with all the auxiliary weapons, the total number of total, the number of 22 species, the series, and the smallest map type, and the smaller map type, and the total number of mappers, it is said to be a total of the total number of contents.

Правда о Battlefield 2042 - ХУДШИЙ шутер 2021 года!

Not only. The highest specification PC is a mess that is not optimized for a frame per second, and the direct X collision error and various bugs are also made to take a tenderness of these negative opinions because they do not take action after formal open. It is, as well as the situation that the tests that have been pointed out from the test stage, should not be fixed in the formal launch stage, and the evaluation of the situation is easier to detect. One user said, The previous job was a game, which was much better in that it was a game that is a game that is a game.

On the other hand, the game, which ranks the top of the world around the world, is a warm new jamming simulator released on the 22nd. Especially, this work has been compared to the previous work, and it is also recorded a high sales volume even though the price is large, and the price is largely increased. Realistic factors such as seasonal change and soil management have been much more enriched, and graphics are also greatly upgraded.

In addition, Forest Horizon 5 recorded the third place and keeps the top, and 70% discounted, Death Stranding, which is selling 70%, was hit by the 5th place. In addition, the back 4 Blood succeeded in re-entry in the top 10, and Halo Infinite (campaign) is barely ranked 10th.

The top simultaneous connections Top 20 (as of 10:00 am) Top 20 (based on 10:00 am) In the top, Halo Infinite has been in the Apex Legend and New World, and came down sixth. In addition, the Battlefield 2042 was grateful to the chart with the high ranking of 11th, separately from the evaluation. In addition, Don State Gather was the first time in the 20th.


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