The new Mount in GW2 is a mobile, double jet tank with 40,000 HP!

The addition of End of Dragons is fast approaching Guild Wars 2, and Rennet reveals more and more details on the subject of news. This time there was a bit of light on a new mount, which will be Siege Turtle. And what can I say? Its majestic!

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We will get our turtle when it will be a tiny subject, freshly hatched with eggs. In the End of Dragons, we will take care of the companion and watched how it grows in a double machine of destruction, equipped with works as well as jet engines. Siege Turtle will be an ideal beast for sieges, but also works in the fight. However, do not be fooled by his size — he will be able to do his version of Rocket Jump to overcome obstacles and move quickly.

Be careful not to fall on your head — it has been confirmed that Siege Turtle will attack with their mass (therefore mass> sculpture!) Even 10 goals at the same time if they are within the reach of its monument. Of course, mastering the possibilities of this mount will take a lot of time in Guild Wars 2. Mount will have your Mysteries tree, and probably will also find your place in PVP in the future. The premiere of End of Dragons, however, Siege Turtle will not be available in WOW.

Siege Turtle has about 40,000 points of life. It will be a universal Mount for every occasion, but it will not replace in any role of other mounts. Therefore, you do not have to fear that they will leave the response when we receive a turtle, because it does not specialize in any action: it does not shaft like griffon, does not run faster than the raptor, does not jump higher than Springer, and in water is slower than the skimmer.

It was also confirmed that the gaining of this mounted will not be extremely time-consuming. Dedicated task will be a bit longer than this associated with raptor, and much shorter than Grind on Sky scale — something at Roller Beetle.

What do you think about Siege Turtle? It promises to be interesting, right?