The new MMO game of Marvel is in early development

Marvel Games is the content brand of computer game based on Marvel buildings, as well as is the Marvel Home entertainment video game division. Prior to the unification of Marvel Games, Marvel-based video clip games released in between 1982 and also 1985 were managed by Marvel Comics Group, with Marvel video games from 1986 to 1998 by Marvel Amusement Group, while properties-based video games From Marvel before the unification of Marvel Games were handled directly by Marvel Enterprises.

In recent years, Marvel has greatly expanded his presence in the space of video games. With titles such as Spider-Man de Marvel, Veg adores de Marvel, and the release of this year of Guardian de la Galaxy de Marvel, the company has shown that it wants to have a much greater approach in the games than ever in the coming years. Now, that approach seems to also include the addition of an MMO game (massive multiplayer online) that will be associated with the Marvel brand.

A mentioned in a new investment presentation of the company AAD Global 7, it was said that an unannounced MMORPG associated with Marvel is currently under development. It is said that the project is in process in Dimensional Ink Studios, which is the study in which it worked earlier. Dc universe online. Jack Emmett, who previously directed so much Ciudad by heroes and DC universe online, is said to be responsible for this new MMO linked to Marvel. However, apart from these key details, much more was offered about what the game will have in the store.

At this time, End Global 7 has rated this new Marvel MMO as a project to longer term within the company's portfolio. And although he has not spoken about specific throwing windows or anything like that, he has clearly labeled this game as one that will not be launched until much after 2022. Having all this in mind, it definitely seems that the game is still very early in his developing.

For now, Marvel Games as a whole has officially confirmed that this MMO is even in process, which makes the revelation of its existence a little peculiar. However, given the clarity with which this game is mentioned in the Global End Investor Document 7, the publisher does not seem to have left anything to the interpretation. Because of this, perhaps a formal revelation of its development occurs in the near future by Marvel.

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