The Mobile Egglia RPG arrives on Switch in a Rebirth version

Originally released in 2017 on iOS and Android, Anglia: Legend of the Redcap is now a total overhaul on Switch. Anglia Rebirth (its his new little name) will come out first in Japan on December 16 and then later on other territories including Europe.

More than four years after his exit on mobile, Anglia rebuilds him for a version augmented on the transportable of Nintendo. We will of course find the basic game, which will however benefit from some additions to justify this emergence (and a price that one already imagines a little less mild than at Apple or Google).

In addition to a patented interface and a brand-new control bracket, we promise new missions (20 events ), a rebalancing of the gameplay and small graphics retouching with for example facial expressions more detailed on the characters. The opportunity to remember that the title is the small baby of Shining Tameka, character designer (among others) on the MANA series and producer of Magical Star sign or Mother 3.

EGGLIA Rebirth Trailer w/ Gameplay | Nintendo Switch If it comes out in a few weeks in Japan, the later mentioned for Europe, the United States, Australia, Korea and Hong Kong let us think that we will not have anything at home before 2022.


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