Suspicion hardened : IMPF scandal around Mark's start is approaching - also DFB

Also on Monday, in the scandal about the fake vaccination pass from Markus beginning further details have come to the light, which always burden the former coach of Welder Bremen. In addition to the public prosecutor's office Bremen, the DFB is apparently against the 47-year-olds.

So the authorities in Bremen now assume that beginning his vaccination pass really fake. The Kassenärztliche Deranging North Rhine, which is responsible for the Cologne vaccine center, has informed us that the Personnel of the Lord's beginning are not present in the EDP system. That is, he was not vaccinated in Cologne, said Upper State Panel Frank passenger of the build and pushed for: The batch number, which stands in his vaccination book, was never revealed in the vacuum center. The suspicion that it is a fake has been hardened.

On the explicit demand, if initially vaccination certificate is faked, Passage said, That seems to be the case.

The extremer has not yet been a statement. Passages: First, the lawyer will demand file inspection and then see if his client wants to say something to the allegations. The batch number concerning the batch number, which is listed in the initial vaccination certificate, had been revised.

CRRG Webinar: Epidemiology of COVID-19: Implications for Control DFB control committee now also determines

If this batch should have received, his name would have to be noted in the EDP system, concluded passenger. In addition, the batch number of the emission was not revitalized in a vaccine center.

According to information of the trade magazine Kicker, the control committee of the German Football federal government will now be determined against the beginning.

The 47-year-old therefore threatens sporting law consequences, which could range from a fine up to a timely function ban as a coach.

Mark's beginning: Even co-trainer boy threatened consequences

As the image writes, 20 April and June 1 will be the alleged vaccine data, which should have allegedly vaccinated in Cologne. However, on April 20, the beginning of the trainer at the SV Darmstadt 98 and coached in the evening was his team at the game in Würzburg — 300 kilometers from Cologne.

This brings the coach to a photo in the Redouble, which showed the picture : beginning dressed in a cooking costume on a carnival party on November 11 in Cologne — alleged. However, at this party, the 2G + rule was considered. Only vaccinated (with QR code or vaccination certificate) and geneses (with Genesis certificate) can celebrate with us. In addition, we ask for the presentation of a certified quick test to avoid vaccination breakthroughs, said it from the organizer.

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Also, at first co-trainer Florian boy threaten further consequences. We are involved in a procedure. Notes on further suspected cases with Welder we do not, says passenger.


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