Purpose in the Bundesliga? Cologne

A vaccination in professional football? Markus Söder has fired the heated debate — and thus triggered violent reactions.

Markus Söder needed only a few words to give new momentum to the heated vaccine debate in professional football. A vaccination for footballers? This is exactly where the Bavarian Prime Minister and caused the discussions about Joshua Gimmick and other unvaccinated professionals for new vortex. But the CSU boss properly contributed violent reactions.

Why do I find politicians great? Because they always turn it, as they want it. I do not know how often Mr. Sober has changed an opinion, Steffen Rampart said. Once in ride, the coach of 1. FC Cologne continued to scold right away: Why should a vaccination obligation be introduced for players, if we do not even create it, in nursing staff, which work on a daily man, to introduce a vaccination obligation?

Sober wants vaccination obligation for certain professions

Sober had previously been pronounced via image TV for a vaccination obligation for certain occupational groups. From his point of view it would be a good signal that we discuss such a thing for the football area — as a signal also the unity of fans and players. It is a push that obviously does not encounter consent at all.

⚽ Köln vs RB Leipzig ⚽ | Bundesliga (18/09/2021) | Fifa 21 According to the German Football League (DFL), the vaccination rate in the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga is more than 90 percent — and thus well above the value of the entire population in Germany. Sober presses in a situation forward in which the fourth Corona wave falls into the country, the vaccination campaign fits and more and more federal states already introduce at consultations on Thursday 2G rules — even for football fans.

I am a clear advocate for 2G — for all actors in football, for everyone, said DFL-Bureau member One Divine of FC St. Pauli the NDR. In Cologne, the regulation applies only to viewers. Also in Munich, where in the Allianz Arena could soon come to the fact that only vaccinated and geneses are allowed to jump on the grandstands to cheer the non-vaccinated Gimmick from there.

Unbeliever Bavaria professionals should not go to the Team hotel

Another curious situation threatens Bayern Munich in front of the Bundesliga match at FC Augsburg on Friday (20:30 pm / DAZN). Since in Bavaria in gastronomy and accommodation companies, the 2G rule applies, the unavailable Bavaria professionals are not allowed to go to the hotel, where the team is prepared for the game. An exception will not give, a hotel employee told TZ request.

Board Boss Oliver Khan had recently clarified the attitude of the association. Its our absolute conviction that our players have to be vaccinated, he said. As a reminder: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was even trying in February that football professionals could be vaccine role models.

In handball or basketball, the vaccination rates are already no obligation at almost 100 percent — slightly higher than in football. The DFL wants to use the clubs but in any case with full commitment for a further increase in the vaccine rate — in football and society, said Labors Christian Seifert and made a side bolt towards Sober.

It needs in this pandemic situation practicable solutions and implementable concepts. We have heard enough in the last twelve months, said the DFL boss, but announced: If the policy creates the legal possibilities for vaccination in certain occupational groups Of course, the DFL will discuss such an option immediately intensively.


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