Kimmich suffered from Corona

What makes Joshua Kimmich so good? | Tactical Analysis Due to missing long-term studies Joshua announced Gimmick about a month ago that he opposes a vaccine skeptically. Now the 26-year-old himself is suffering from Corona. What consequences does that have for the national player?

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Gimmick has to quarantine after his illness for 14 days and thus miss the top match on December 4 against the BVB, he should not be freezing with a negative PCR test.

A vaccine in the near future is nothing in the way of his corona disease, such as Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Planning, Infection Immunology from the Eberhard Karl's University in Tübingen, talking to Spot and Goal.

When for Gimmick the Pairs in the upper arm come into question, depend on the disease history and the viral load, says Plan and leads out: This must decide his doctors.

In addition, he contradicts any rumors that the midfielder must now wait six months until he could undergo vaccination: There are no scientifically assessable reasons. If he has no more viruses in the body and his immune system is back on a normal level, speaks purely scientific and immunologically nothing, not to vaccinate already four weeks after the end of the symptoms.

Gimmick and the vaccination: a chronology of events

Gimmick would rich a vaccine

National coach Hans Flick had declared a few hours before the positive PCR test Gimmicks that this is a tendency show to vaccinate. With Jamal Musial and Serge Gnabry, after information from Spot and Goal has already taken a rethinking for two Bayern stars.

While Musial has received his first vaccine, Gary is already considered completely vaccinated. The wing door had infected in April with Corona and initially requires no further vaccination. This scenario would also come into force in Gimmick, explains Plan: An infection acts immunologic like a vaccine, but does not protect against the disease. If that is currently the requirements of the constant sustain mission, then only one vaccination is enough.

Should the virus change in the coming weeks and months, then maybe we'll have to vaccinate again next year in autumn, adds plans.

Gimmick: Infection can mean long-term sequences

In addition, the infection could mean long-term sequences. There are cases that demonstrated that invaded people after a COVID-19 infection could no longer exercise their activities in the previous performance. For example, a hobby diver had after a mild course of Covid-19 bothered values ​​in the lung function test, says Plan.

SPD health expert Karl Auerbach had already at the beginning of November when the vaccination debate was already in full swing, pointed to a study by the University of Düsseldorf. This show that at Corona-diseased footballers of the Bundesliga and the series A six months after infection still five percent less powerful in the game were. The five percent are an order of magnitude that could apply. The long-Covid phenomenon is given. Not only in footballers, but with each one of us, explains Planning and shifts warning: You may not set up any claims now, That will be like that at Gimmick. That would be an absolute false message.

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Auerbach also announced on Thursday via Twitter that the incidence lies well over 1000 in the group of unpacked. A conclusive value, as well as confirmed: You can unknown to illuminate despite the vaccine. But it can also be that you do not even ill — and exactly this fact makes this number.


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