Joshua Kimmich One reason for the susceptibility of FC Bayern

The former national player Dietmar Haman has made the way from Joshua Gimmick for the defensive problems of FC Bayern.

Currently, Joshua Gimmick is missing FC Bayern due to Corona infection and the thus-contiguous quarantine. Against Armenia Bielefeld there was only a nearly 1: 0 on the weekend. Overall, the one well oiled machine of the record champion has not run quite as much as before for a few weeks.

While Gimmick is considered by many observers as one of the best sixties in the world, Dietmar Haman named two other players in the Kicker, which are currently most valuable on this position: Rodrigo of Manchester City, which is bombed, ball-proof, Likewise Fabinho from FC Liverpool. Both play more or less with two aft by their side, with Liverpool a bit flatter, both have to communicate a lot and give them limited.

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Gimmick, on the other hand, be a good six, the power carrier of FC Bayern interpret the position but slightly different, so Haman continues. According to the 48-year-old, Gimmick plays too offensive. That's a reason why Bavaria is sometimes susceptible to the back, the TV expert put his finger into the wound.

Haman: One recognizes the value of a good six, if...

Asked if the six is ​​the royal position in football, Haman said, who used to be a strategic on this position: It is at least the position that demands the greatest understanding of the game. Striker and wings usually ensure the gates That's the hardest job, so you will be best paid.

King's position he would not name the six yet, supplemented Haman. However, it is one that is often underestimated. Because the six gives a team balance and stop. The value of a good six is ​​often recognized only when he is missing or blocked.