Highlander reboot gets action

The most recent film of the Highlander Film Series is already 13 years in the past — and there are also a great low-budget production that has hardly seen anyone. So time for a revival of highlands history! The upcoming reboot movie will set a prominent actor: Henry Cavils.

The talented Brit is well known as its role as Gerald in The Witcher with sword struggle off and thanks to films like Mission Impossible: Fallout, Man of Steel and Code-name Uncle generally became an action expert in front of the camera.

Who makes the reboot of Highlander?

Even behind the lens, the fantasy series is enriched by an action master. Because in the Regienschlhl is no less than John-Wick director Chad Stahelski. The former Stuntman has staged all three action films with Keanu Reeves in the lead role as a director — at first in cooperation, later single-handedly.

HIGHLANDER Reboot | Henry Cavill

Information about the story still lack of

Apart from the cooperation of STAHELSKI and CAVILS, however, the info-front still looks like lean. For neither the history of the new Highlander film is known even the exact role of Henry Cavils. Of course, only that he will play one of the main roles — whether he just plays a new version of the original hero Connor MacLeod, a new character or even a villain is still unclear. In the end he may play the rogue Urban (played in the original by Clancy Brown)? Everything is still open. Connor MacLeod and Urban in the First Highlander Film — Will Reboot become a direct new filming of this story? Source: Indwelt As soon as there is first details about the plot and the characters of the Highlander Reboot, you can of course here on Highlander Film!

Not the first revival idea of ​​Highlander

Incidentally, plans for a new highlander movie existed again and again. Just Sitting Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 9) in the Registered, Ryan Reynolds (Free Guy, Red Notice) was involved in the project. But the sources of Deadline should actually act in the current project for something that will go into production.

Are you a fan of the Highlander movies? Do you have a stick on a modern filming? Who should Henry Cavils play in the best case? Write us in the comments!

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