FC Bayern | BVB icon over vaccine

Borussia Dortmunds former champion player Even Robotic has turned around in the vaccination debate about Joshua Gimmick FC Bayern. The alleged salary reduction for the national team in the quarantine case is not effective, according to the BVB icon.

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Its for the bosses about building pressure. Gimmick has enough money, it is the hurt little. For him, it is more a question of image that it stands for something and then a few days for a little money changes his mind later, Robotic explained his point of view in Neven Subotic1 -Doppelpass.

The 32-year-old, who won with Dortmund in 2011 and 2012 the title in the Bundesliga, the DFB Cup in 2012 also outdated and in 2013 the final of the Champions League moved, now sees Bayerns responsibility.

FC Bayern should provide educational work

A path that you should go and may not be gone before good enough would be educational work that is necessary for a decision to make. The reasons that Gimmick has been named for his decision could in a conversation refuted.

The unvaccinated Gimmickve now to deal in his quarantine more than enough time. I hope that he dares the step. It would be responsible for a player who plays for Bayern and the national team and so accepted in society is, Robotic said.

Horst Held: FC Bayern attempting to explore its possibilities

Also, Horst Held, in his long-time Bundesliga player and managers, agreed with the ex-BVB star.

Gimmick was because his previous rejection of vaccination against the coronavirus a bit of a dilemma, judged Held. I think that he, like everyone who is in public, its responsibilities and should be vaccinated. That would be at the present time very important to lead by example. This is because our vaccination ratio in Germany is much too low.

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Held welcomed the announcement of Bayern to withdraw unvaccinated players during their quarantine the sick pay, but pointed at the same time the limits of the action out: If one is not willing to pull their weight in society, he must reckon with the consequences Bayern as. employers just tried to explore its options you have not just the opportunity to say. You can not at the training or game operation participate This is not right..


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