Battlefield 2042 Update Nerfs, one of the best gaming weapons

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A new battle 2042 The update will be launched tomorrow through Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 and PS5. Before the release of the update, he says he has revealed the patch notes, which in turn reveals that one of the best weapons of the game has been Nerfed. It remains to see how substantial is this nerfs. That said, those who use PP-29 will like to know that vertical recoil is increased. Why? Well, it says, it is to make sure that the weapon does not have excessive performance when it is activated outside its expected combat range. In other words, it should not be as good from the distance as it is.

In addition to this, the propagation of the bullet has been reduced in all weapons, bar shotguns. According to him, this should result in better precision during the game. Next, you can continue reading more about the various changes that are being made in the main weapons and vehicles of the game:

DICE Actually Fixing Battlefield 2042? Major Patch News

20 mm cannons mounted on nocturnal bird MD540: We are reducing the radius in which bullets cause damage to impact and decreasing their splash damage. The size of the explosion radius of 3 to 2. Was reduced by the damage to the internal explosion radius of 1.5 to 0.75. KA-520 Super Hokum — 30 mm cannon (lateral assembly): We are reducing the overall damage and the range in which bullets cause total damage, while increasing the overall scattering of bullets. Reduced explosion radio from 2 to 1.6. The explosion damage was reduced from 20 to 14. Bullet damage was reduced before the damage drop begins 18 to 15. Damage drop distance from 200 to 180 was reduced. Bullet damage was reduced to Maximum drop of fall from 8 to 6. The scope and dispersion of the bullet increased. AH-64GX Apache War chief and Ka-520 Super Hokum — 30 mm cannon — We are reducing the radius in which bullets cause damage to impact and decreasing your splash damage. The explosion damage was reduced from 20 to 18. The drop of damage was increased for enemies that are further from the impact center of the bullet. We reduced the overall damage to the machine gun for all land vehicles, along with the decrease in bullet damage that now begins before. The bullet damage was reduced before the damage drop begins from 18 to 13. The damage drop of 60 to 40 was reduced. The bullet damage was reduced at the maximum distance of falling to 6

Battle 2042 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. As noted, this update is scheduled to be available tomorrow.


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