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PS Plus Extra & Premium: Sony reveals which games you get

From June, the subscription service PS Plus will no longer be the way you have known it for years. Sony has completely revised the model and will provide several subscription levels in the future. Now the company reveals which games can look forward to extra and premium customers. PS Plus: new steps, new advantages PS Plus: Try games before buying PS Plus: new steps, new advantages In order to be able to offer the subscriber from PS Plus a little more in the future, the streaming service PlayStation Now will be dissolved and integrated into the PS Plus service. This opens up new possibilities and what you use of it is entirely up to you, because from June 13th you can choose from three stages **: PlayStation Plus Essential * (8.99 euros per month) corresponds to the previous model. PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros a month) includes an additional 400 PS4 and PS5 games that you can download. PlayStation Plus Premium / Deluxe (17.99 a month) includes all the features mention

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